Basic Woodworking Tools For Beginner Projects

There is a vast range of woodworking tools available in the market today. If you are new to woodworking, it can get quite overwhelming to know about all of them. It is advised that you do not buy a lot of tools right at the outset if you are not sure of a continued interest in the job.

Basically, beginner woodworkers need four types of tools. They require tools for cutting and then shaping wood, tools to assemble and finally, tools to finish the project.

Listed below are some tools for beginner level woodworking projects. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These tools will prepare you for several kinds of basic woodworking projects and will also create a solid foundation of knowledge and equipment to build upon.

Tools to assemble

After you have cut and shaped your wood, it is time to assemble them. You need to use specific tools for the purpose. Some of the tools that are usually employed include hammers, drills, and screwdrivers.


Screwdrivers help drive screws into wood. There are blade, flathead, and square drivers. There is a wide range of sizes in each of these categories of drivers. People usually buy a complete set of screwdrivers so that they have a variety of drivers to choose from. Ensure that your screwdrivers come with secure, comfortable handles. The shaft should not bend easily and the blade should be in good shape.

To ensure that your screwdrivers last long, wipe them clean and keep in a dry area. Take care that you do not use the wrong type or size of screwdrivers to ensure that there is no damage to the tool.


A ball peen hammer or claw hammer is used for various household projects. Hammers come with sturdy metal heads to help drive nails and other fasteners. Choose a hammer that is comfortable to use and is affordably priced.


A mallet comes with a heavy head and is used to drive chisels or break joints apart. The head can be made of wood, rubber or steel. People usually buy a variety of hammers and mallets to serve different purposes.


Clamps are used to hold two pieces of wood together even as you work with them. These are helpful safety tools that help to hold a piece of wood securely while drilling, shaping or sawing wood. There is a wide selection of clamps available of every size to accommodate almost all kinds of wood jobs.

While buying clamps, go for one that is known to work well. While there are several varieties of clamps, not all of them work or are fit for woodworking. It can be a safety risk if your clamp is not easy to use or if it slips. Therefore, you must ensure that you are working with a safe and functional tool.

Drilling tools

A drill helps create a hole in a piece of wood. There are many different types of drill tools available. Brace is one of them and is typically used when there is a large hole to bore and by people who feel it gives more control. A hand drill is used for holes under 1/2 inch. A gimlet is another tool that is used for shallower, smaller holes. Power drills are the most popular drilling tools. However, not all of them will work on large woods and some may find them quite noisy and hard to hold for small jobs.

These are just some of the tools that are commonly used in woodworking projects. It is important that you study in-depth about the tools that you plan to use.

Keep in mind, you need to take care of your tools and every tool has its own care and maintenance requirements. Your tools are an important investment and you must not allow it to rust or go dull. This will not only cause you to lose money but also cause your tools to under perform. Taking proper care of your tools is an important aspect of woodworking.

Woodworking tools are widely popular and there are several reputed companies that manufacture them. Research your options well and read reviews to know about the best ones available for your requirements.